Saturday, February 6, 2010

January Goals Update

Last month I set goals for January and here are the results.

1. Complete Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred ---- Completed 12 days throughout the month, also shoveled snow 2 days which equals 14 days of working out. Almost 1/2 month completed, not the 30 days, but still better than the months before with no workouts. I did lose 8 pounds during January.

2. Do not eat out for the month ---- This was a fail. We went for 1/2 the month, and then things happened that got in the way with us eating at home. The way I figure it 2 weeks is beeter than what we have been doing previous to this.

3. Savings Account ---- did not occur, but we have made the decision that our tax check and any extra pay from tutoring will be going into the savings account.

4. Cleaning and Organizing ---- not bad cleaning wise thanks to my wonderful husband. Organizing did not happen. We both started tutoring twice a week which means that we come home, eat, and get the girls ready for bed. Thank goodness Mel gets her homework done at drama club practice.

5. Work on February Lady Sweater ---- Did not happen at all.

I do like this setting goals for the month, but I think I need more specific goals which are easier to keep track and measure. So now to come up with goals for February.

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