Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tutorials on the To-Do List

I am wanting to try the following three tutorials. I thought maybe some of you would like to try these also.

1. A Grocery Cart Caddy - I so need this. I usually end up having the coupons all wrinkled from being held in my hand. Plus the fabric that was used just makes me want to create also.

2. Apple Butter - and homemade on top of that. Mmmmmm I can taste it already. I just need to get the supplies and find a day that I can really focus on doing it correctly.

3. Envelope Clutch - Functional and just so fashionable looking. We are just getting ready to start the envelope system. We will see how it goes before putting the time in to create this.

 ***** I tried to add pictures of each tutorial, but I am getting an error message. Each time I click on the photo icon, I get a message that the link cannot be found. So trust me the links are worth going to and spending time to look at the finished products.

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