Tuesday, February 16, 2010

SwagBucks Recommendation

Search & Win

Well, I have been trying out Swagbucks. I wanted to try it out before blogging about it. After becoming a Swagbucks member, I downloaded the Swagbucks toolbar. Now I do all of my searches through Swagbucks. Searching will earn you swagbucks. Most times it is 1 swagbuck but can be higher. Sometimes there are codes that can be entered to earn free swagbucks. The swagbucks can then be traded in for prizes. I am trading my swagbucks for Amazon gift cards. So far I have earned $10 in Amazon gift cards. I have done this in only a few months time while doing my normal searches online. If you are interested go to swagbucks through my referral links so that I will get referral credits. I would appreciate it. I am trying to see how much I can earn towards Christmas presents.

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