Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cumberland Falls Part 3

Boy did I take a lot of pictures on this trip. I have tried to narrow them pictures down and post in increment, but it will still be picture heavy. So be prepared.

We drove 41 miles to Cumberland Gap. There was an area that the kids could dress up as pioneer girls or boys. Melodye didn't want to do it, but Brooke did. Brooke decided to be a pioneer boy. Go figure. She was not happy at this point because another family had joined us at this point. But she still is cute.
Of course, I had to include a close up picture of such a cute girl.
We then drove up to the Pinnacle and hiked a couple of short trails. Melodye was so excited because we were in a cloud.

Everyone walked right on by and didn't realize that they had gone into another state. So I took a picture of my big feet standing in Kentucky and Virginia.

When we cam back through the girls had fun being in two states at the same time.
Then we were bad parents and left a girl in each state. Sorry I had to make that joke. It was either that or make the joke that they were grounded to different states.
I took a picture of Melodye and me, but it wasn't the greatest because we were cold from being in the cloud.

This is where we stayed at the Dupont Lodge. The lodge was very conveniently located to the falls. The staff there were amazingly friendly. I would definitely recommend staying there if you are going to Cumberland Falls. I don't know if I would call the Wi-fi high speed, but it worked for what we needed. Tommy says I am just spoiled and that I used to be happy with that speed.

We then went back to the falls and explored a little and took some pictures.

These are taken on some rocks before the falls. Let me tell you it was hard to get a good picture of Brooke.

While I took pictures Tommy skipped rocks and the girls watched.

We made Melodye take pictures of us. She wasn't happy to do that because she had better things to do. But she didn't do too bad.

Tommy and the girls at the falls again with Brooke being crazy.

Me with the girls. As you can tell Brooke still did not want any pictures taken of her.

We hiked further and found an area that the girls played in the sand and tried to make sand castles.

I kept trying for a cute sister picture, but this was the closest I go. Although I should be happy with it because it does show their personalities.

I then wrote our name and 2009 in the sand. My family thought I was crazy when I told them to put their feet in the shot, but I like how it turned out.

We tried to see the moonbow, but gave up at about 11:45pm. The girls were tired and it was COLD. We did see the start of the arch, but there wasn't any color to the arch yet. The moon hadn't risen high enough yet. Plus I don't know if I would even have gotten any pictures since I don't know the controls on my camera. I really should learn that someday.
So this was Saturday and we still have Sunday to show. I forgot after we left Cumberland Gap, we went for a drive and ended up in Tennessee and Virginia. The landscape was just gorgeous in Virginia, so green. I wish we could have stopped to take pictures, but not a safe thing to do on the side of a highway or byway as I saw a sign say. Maybe some other time.

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