Saturday, May 2, 2009

Belated Dude Ranch Highlights

Things have been as crazy as usual. But I am finally getting around to giving some of the highlights from the Girl Scout Trip to the Dude Ranch. There aren't that many pictures due to other girls being in the pictures and we have to keep everyone safe.
Two of the vehicles arrived at the ranch 3 1/2 hours after we left. Our vehicle did not. We arrived 5 1/2 after we left. We traveled quite a bit in the country by accident. We had the GPS and Mapquest. The problem was that I was trying to read Mapquest while driving. I skipped a direction. So I was looking for the wrong highway. After we missed that highway, we got off at the next exit. Tried to follow the GPS and get back on, but the next two exits were closed for construction. When we did find an open exit, it was for the next highway. We got on even thought the GPS said to go south, we went north because that is waht the Mapquest said to do. What we didn't know is that we were already too far north. Yes, you read that right. Then we ended up in the middle of nowhere going through two toll booths that are unmanned. Finally we get to one that has a toll attendant and find out what way to take. This include backtracking 15 miles in sitting still traffic and going through the country on a one lane road. But we did make it and had lots of fun talking, singing, and laughing. We sat in a lot of traffic, saw two horrific accidents, and made it safely. We had late dinner, it was saved for us. Then we went to a horsemanship class, a hayride, and hanging out in the dorm until lights out at 11:00.
This is Melodye with one of her best friends, Caitie before bed. The two of them are so much alike it is scary. They know exactly what the other one is thinking without one word being said.

The next morning we were up early, but not by choice. A couple of teenage girls set their alarms for five o'clock in the morning. They didn't get up and take a shower. No they spent the net two hours hogging the only sink and mirror doing their hair and make up. At that point they crawled back in bed. Let me tell you there were some unhappy campers at this point. We went down to see the horses being brought down to be fed. The horses were really beautiful.
Some helped each other scratch their itches.
The girls were obsessed with the steaming poop from the horses, especially the girls from my van. they had talked about farting and poop the whole 5 1/2 hours. You would think it was a bunch of boys in the van instead of girls. (When I told the girls I had made copies of the pictures for each of the girls, the first thing they asked was if the steaming poop was on there.)

This was the sight all weekend of Caitie and Melodye walking together ahead of me. Most times they were holding hands. It was just too cute!!

The girls then had a class on fossil hunting in the quarry. They were all sad that they didn't find anything.

We posed the girls for some shots together, but I think my favorite is this one with all of their feet. Of course, Melodye just thinks I am crazy for taking it.
The girls took some more classes that I didn't get pictures of. They learned about Illinois plants and animals, completed a scavenger hunt, fed animals, went on a horseback ride, went on a hike, played fun active games with their parents, ate dinner, learned line dancing, went on a hayride, played bingo, played air hockey, and stayed up late again.

The next morning we went on a hike before brunch. It ended up raining while on our hour long hike.We had brunch and the girls played some more air hockey. We weren't able to take any more classes because of how our last horseback ride was scheduled. I took a nap during this time. I was up most of the night because a girl from another troop was up coughing most of the night. I ended up going to find out where the girl was to see if she needed water. the mom was there but hadn't taken her to the bathroom. After I went over there, they went to the bathroom because the girl had thrown up all over herself in her sleep. This had gone on for over three hours. So I slept good during my nap. I needed that nap so I could drive home. We then went on our horseback ride and it rained during the ride. So we were all scrambling to pull what ever we could pull out of our suitcases in the van, whether that was dirty jeans or pajama pants.
Then we went home and made it in record time, especially when you compare our original time. I slept good Sunday night. The weekend was so much fun, but tiring. I would definitely go again if we have the chance again. There were eight girls and seven moms that went. Every girl had their mom their which made it easy on all of us. Plus it was a really fun bunch of girls and moms.

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