Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day Pipe Dreams

I don't know about other teachers. But for me, Labor Day is viewed as a chance to get things done at home and for my classroom that I do not normally have time for. Oh picnics are nice and wonderful, but I dream of whole days getting things done because everyone else has plans and then use Monday as a day to do stuff at home that I enjoy. Now this pipe dream never comes completely into fruition. But I can always hope and dream because that always makes my day better if I keep hope alive.

Here are some example of things I would like to accomplish:
  • I would like to go through Brooke's closet and dresser to pull out all of the clothes that she has completely outgrown which is most of them. She has outgrown clothes that were bought at the beginning of summer. GRRRRR stop growing so fast!!!!! (You are supposed to be my baby not my amazon girl.)
  • Clean Brooke's room so that she has no excuse as to why she can't keep it clean.
  • Go through Melodye's closet and dresser. Give Brooke any clothes that will fit her that Melodye still hasn't worn and has tags on it. Get any skorts that are too short for her out of her room. She thinks if there is still room in the waist they fit. But she is so skinny they never fit in the waist, her butt hangs out instead and no just because there are shorts under there does not make it okay.
  • Organize Mel's room so that there is no reason why she can't keep it clean.
  • Go through my clothes.
  • Transfer all pictures off the cameras (I have to find the little one first). Label and order all of these pictures. Back up the pictures.
  • Cut and file coupons. (I am so behind it is not funny.)
  • Go through organize and label boxes for school. I had help packing last year and all of the boxes didn't get labeled.
Now that was just home stuff. For school, I would like to:
  • Get Tommy to make dividers for my big book rack. The ones I have will not hold up the books.
  • The boxes for school also need to be listed here.
  • Make homework packets.
  • Redo my lesson plan form.
  • Set up my grade book.
  • Update my grade book.
  • Get some decorative things for classroom done.
  • Make some center for next week. (I need to start looking further ahead to see what I need.)
  • Some other stuff in my bag that I can't remember off the top of my head.
Once I get necessary stuff done. I would like to:
  • Scrapbook
  • Read
  • Sew
  • Just enjoy myself
  • Go to Lopez family picnic on Sunday.
  • Watch the first disc of Veronica Mars Season 1.
Of course, I won't get all of this done, but I do like to have those pipe dreams and hope that I can become a super hero and finish all of this. I also would like to start blogging again. I am missing it.

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