Monday, December 13, 2010

Reindeer Cake Pops

Two years ago, I discovered Bakerella's site for cake pops. I fell in love. I wanted to make every variety. Then I discovered she had a book. I ran out to get it the week it came out. My first cake pops were the Hello Kitty version. Last night I decided to make the reindeer version for the teachers at work.

 I had fun making them. It was just time consuming making over 70 cake pops, but not hard.
 Rudolph and regular reindeer were made.
 My dad made a board to hold the cake pops which was a real help. The board says "White Sox" for my husband. My husband actually makes cake pops every week for his student, but doesn't decorate them.
We had a snow delay today, which never happens for my district. The girls didn't have school due to the snow. So they came to school with me. Cake pops were eaten at lunch, but there were quite a bit of leftovers due to people not being there because of the weather. I believe I am going to use the leftovers as presents for the neighbors.


Katie @ This Chick Cooks said...

How cute :) I bet that these are a hit. I can't imagine making 70!!! You have more patience than I do :)

Anonymous said...

how did you write the mouth on?

Jennifer said...

We used a marker made for food. There are more expensive brands, but we went with the Betty Crocker version that Walmart carries because we were short on time. I would probably try a different version. It did take a couple of swipes to get the mouth to show up.

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