Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bathroom Redo Project

I have been after my husband that I think we should put a frame around the mirror in our main bathroom, the girls' bathroom. He didn't agree. he did not like the examples that I showed him like here. Finally he admitted that he just didn't like the wide framing around the mirror. Oh, silly boy, we can do thin framing instead. Then ideas started to flow of what we wanted to do: a new shower curtain, paint, move the shelf, redecorate, put in a new light fixture, and restain the cabinet. I meant and said that I wanted to do all of this over summer vacation. Nope, not my husband. When he has a project in mind, he wants it done then and quickly. So over Christmas Break, he decided to get started on the project while I was sleeping. In fact, he wanted to complete it all in one night. This did not happen. He completed almost the entire project by himself. I was recuperating from a surgery and could not help. My husband did an amazing job. I can't wait to show you. Here is a link to the before.

Now for the reveal:

Looking into the bathroom, this is what you see. Doesn't it look like a completely different room with the frame around the mirror? Oh how I love to look in this room now.

 We moved our Target shelf to the wall above the toilet. We looked for something different to use, but either did not like anything or it was out of our price range. I don't mind the white and actually like it in there, but my husband would prefer something that was the color of the cabinet and frame. Each of the buckets from Target Dollar Spot are labeled using my Cricut. They are from left to right and top to bottom: neosporin, clippers, temps (thermometer wouldn't fit), q-tips, floss, and band-aids.
 Below the towels are the basket to hold toilet paper rolls. It's a tight squeeze for three, but it works. The basket came from TJ Maxx for $6.99 and is called a kitchen basket.
 I found the printables online (I can't find from which blog right now. If you know please let me know so that I can give proper credit.) and the frames are from Costco.
 Another bucket from Target's Dollar Spot (love those). This has the essentials such as mouthwash, lotion, hair detangler, and deodorant.
 Another basket from you guessed it...Target's Dollar Spot. This is to corral the hand soap, toothbrushes, and timer for brushing the teeth.
 A printable for the definition of bath online (I can't find from which blog right now. If you know please let me know so that I can give proper credit.) and frame also from Costco.
 Shower curtain purchased on Black Friday from JCPenney.
 The view sideways from the doorway.
 The view with me included. Just realized that this is the only picture with the light fixture partway in there. Ooops forgot to take one. Trust me it's much cuter than the builder's special we had going on in there.
 Under the sink, another basket from Target. This one contains a basket holding ponytail holders, brushes, and a hairstyle book.
 This basket holds curlers and cleaning wipes. The drawers hold the hair things.
 Here's the cabinet after the restaining. Isn't it gorgeous? My husband really did an amazing job!
 And a side view of the cabinet.

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Spittin Toad said...

I Love it!! I'm planing on a redo for my upstairs bathroom sometime soon in mean somewhere in the next 3 months...anyway I love looking at others ideas!!!
Thanks so much for sharing!

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